This course aims to develop basic competencies of reading initiated at secondary schools (such as getting general and specific information from the text, getting the main ideas and detailed information from the text, deducing the meaning of words, phrases, sentences based on the context, and explaining relations between parts of the text through grammatical cohesive devices), with mastery of vocabulary within 4500 words and relevant grammatical structures. It also aims at the development of the skills of inference, analyzing, synthesizing, and speed reading. In order to aid the language development, both simplified and authentic texts of general topics may be used. Text types may include Spoof, Recount,Report, Description,Narration, News Item, Procedure, and Explanation. Individual Performances are noted, pair and group work should be encouraged. Assessment of success is based on portfolios and mid-term as well as final examination.

SemanticsSemantics and Pragmatics are branches of Linguistic Science. Semantic provides an introductory study on meaning in language with a focus on English, while Pragmatic provides an introductory study on meaning in language relates to the users of the language. Semantic covers such topics as semantic scope, types of meaning, sentence & proposition, sense & relation, sentence meaning,

During the course, learning mostly through inquiry and discovery, the students are introduced to define concepts with clarifying examples followed by exercises in applying the principals involved. 

This course aims to develop speaking skills using various topics and activities based on basic communication competence that has to be mastered. The topics include both formal and informal situation in daily basis. The activities are mostly speaking practice. Assessment is conducted through class performance, midterm test, final term test, and project-based assignment.

Mata kuliah ini mengajarkan  teori -teori tentang pengajaran bahasa dan aplikasinya topik- topik yang mencakup tentang bahasa dan belajar bahasa kompetesi yang harus di miliki  guru bahasa inggris sebagai bahasa asing berbagai pendekatan ,metode ,dan tehnik mengajar bahasa ,pekembangan belajar bahasa inggris di indonesia(TEFLIN),kemampuan bahasa yang komunikatip